Our B&B combines an antique home built for Aunt Sukie in 1830 by her brother with a contemporary addition completed in 1993. Our grounds are filled with flowers, brick walkways, trees and green lawns. A large deck overlooks the water for leisurely viewing of Wellfleet Bay and the many sailboats.

The beach in front of the house is private for our guests. There is swimming at high tide, exploring the "mudflats" at low tide, sunbathing, walking and jogging, or collecting sea shells any time. The water is clear, calm and warm enough for swimming.

We serve breakfast of home-baked breads and muffins, fresh fruit, homemade jam, fresh-ground coffee, and a selection of teas. Breakfast is served on the main deck or in our dining room area overlooking the water.

In addition to our B&B, we have a newly remodeled two-storey cottage surrounded by gardens with water views.

For more information about our B&B or The Cottage, contact us at 508-349-2804 or info@auntsukies.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sue & Dan Hamar