History of Aunt Sukies House

Our home was originally built for Aunt Sukie by her brother in about 1830. She was a lady who lived next door to my great grandmother in Truro. She had two husbands, both lost at sea, and a son by each. One son was also lost at sea. In 1929 my grandparents had Aunt Sukie's house moved from Truro to its present location on the water in Wellfleet. In 1993 we built a contemporary addition to the home.

Aunt Sukies House, 1938
Aunt Sukie's House, Chequessett Neck Road, 1938.
Wellfleet a Cape Cod Village
Your hostess, Sue Hamar's, grandmother at the helm in this book, featuring her great-grandparents, Wellfleet, A Cape Cod Village
  • View from the Beach
    View of Aunt Sukies from the Water
  • Historic Common Room
    Aunt Sukies Antique Common Room